Travel Sectors Hit the Most by Coronavirus

Travel Sectors Hit the Most by Coronavirus

After speaking with Jiggz from the Techy Ninjas Group, he goes to explain that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the travel industry hard. Travel plans have been disrupted globally by the lockdown measures that have been put in place by different countries. People have been urged to stay at home as a way to curb the spread of the virus. Hundreds of territories and countries have imposed different measures to deter or restrict people from traveling across their borders. 

This is the first time that countries have extremely restricted international travel. From border closures to flight suspension, massive lockdowns have cost the travel industries billions of dollars. Major airlines have reported that they are running out of funds. Millions of individuals that work in the travel and hospitality industries have also lost jobs. Essentially, the travel industry is among the major casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How Coronavirus Has Affected Different Travel Sectors 

Since the announcement of COVID-19 as a pandemic, many countries imposed travel bans and restrictions. This affected many businesses in different countries. For instance, travel agencies could no longer continue their travel plans. That means they suffered major losses because they couldn’t get clients. 

Travel curbs by different territories and countries have affected airlines and cruise businesses. These have been the major casualties of this pandemic. Passenger revenue has reduced by billions. Many people working for airlines and cruise businesses have also lost their jobs. 

Hotel occupancy has also dropped. That’s because people are not traveling. As such, hotels have reduced their rates as they try to attract clients. But, they are still not receiving visitors because of the travel restrictions that have been implemented by different countries. 

The Bottom Line 

The entire travel industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus. Millions of jobs have been lost since the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there’s hope that the industry will recover as more countries start to ease their travel restrictions. 

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What is the Point of Traveling?

What is the Point of Traveling?

You most likely know people that must travel every year. Maybe you also love traveling. But, some people don’t understand why others value travel so much. Somebody might have even asked you why you love to travel. You might have even asked yourself the same question.

Well, people love traveling for varied reasons. For some people, travel is just what they want to do. That’s why they have a hard time answering this question. Although their answer may be clear, explaining it more than that is not easy. That’s because they have a travel bug that keeps biting them.

What’s the Purpose of Travel?

Traveling enables people to relax. But, if traveling is about relaxing, why can’t you read a book, go fishing, or get a spa treatment? Travel is more than an adrenaline rush. Neuroscientists and psychologists have studied people that love traveling and come up with some answers.

Most scientists agree that traveling is more than satisfying the craving for being away from home. Travel provides a chance to find meaningful activities. Individuals discover new learning and growth opportunities when they travel. Some people even establish lasting social relationships during their trips.

Travel allows people to engage in new activities, develop more skills, and discover different cultures. Going on a trip brings some people closer to themselves and others.

Long-term travelers argue that travel deepens their lives while changing their perspectives. It opens up their possibilities and changes how they view and interact with different aspects of their world.

Travel Is Good for the Brain

The human brain is constantly filtering the information around a person. It decides how a person interprets and experiences the world. What a person hears, sees, and feels depends on more than what they sense. Their values, beliefs, what a person knows, and the ability to think and imagine alternatives also play a role.

Submerging in new environments, cultures, and culinary traditions enriches a person with comparison frameworks while providing room for growth. That’s what makes travelers different from people that don’t travel.

So, if you’ve not been traveling, these are enough reasons to start exploring the world.

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The Best Travel Apps

The Best Travel Apps

As the travel industry continues to grow, there a robust influx of travel apps. And, that kind of clutter is what makes it quite difficult for most people to distinguish the best from the rest. As a result, we end up with very many useless travel apps on our devices. The following are some of the best travel apps to install. 


From time to time, most people go through the pain of delayed and canceled flights. Sometimes, you might even be barred from boarding a flight due to overbooking. In such cases, both the US and EU laws require that passengers are compensated. But, the process is often too complicated and most people end up without compensation. With AirHelp, you can now easily do all that in just a few minutes. All you need is to enter your flight information and a short description of the issue then, the company will handle the rest. If the claim is successful, you receive 75% of the payout as well as a referral bonus for any recommendations to the company. It works on both iOS and Android. 


This is a must-have travel app for finding cheap flights. The app conducts a widespread search on millions of flights from more than 1,200 sources and provides the best available alternatives. You can opt to search for flights based on the easiest or cheapest routes. Besides, the app allows you to see the cheapest months or days to fly to the intended destination. It will also send notifications of any price changes.  


Airbnb is for renting individual rooms, apartments, or couches from local communities in various destinations across the globe. Most travelers not only prefer the app because it allows them to save money on the road but, staying with locals still offers the social element of hostels. Besides, it provides a more effective and legitimate way to interact with your host. 

The travel app world is constantly changing and, there are many other great travel apps out there that you can still use to make traveling less-hectic such as Couchsurfing, HotelTonight, Hostelworld, LoungeBuddy, and Detour. 

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Ways to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Ways to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Maintaining a wellness and health routine is not easy for most people when traveling. Travel stresses, lack of adequate quality sleep, and long hours at the airport are taxing on the mental health and immune systems of most people. Nevertheless, you can still stay healthy when traveling. Here are tips to help stay healthy when traveling. 

Plan for Meals 

Research for local dining options when traveling, especially if you are on a diet. To maintain a diet or healthy eating while away, find out more about the meals you can get when traveling. For instance, you can search for vegetarian and vegan restaurants before you travel to any destination. You can also read reviews that other travelers have written to find out more about the meals you can find at your travel destination. Also, research when local farmers’ markets open and the kind of food products you can find there. This is particularly important if you intend to make your meals while away. 

Carry Healthy Snacks 

You may not have great options when it comes to snacks at different terminals. So, to ensure that exhaustion and desperation don’t make you turn to any fast food restaurant available, pack your snacks when traveling. You can have healthy snacks likes like collagen powders, seeds, nuts, and protein bars in your carry-on. Healthy protein snacks are the best option because they will keep you feeling more satiated. 

Stay Hydrated 

You are bound to be dehydrated, especially when flying. To stay hydrated, drink at least 8 water ounces every hour. You can drink more water if you consume alcohol. In addition to making you feel better, staying hydrated will lower your chances of falling sick because the body will fight off airborne germs with ease. 

Walk More 

Carry comfortable shoes when traveling to enable you to walk more often. Walking enables you to see your destination more and it’s a form of exercise. You burn calories whenever you walk. You also exercise your muscles and improve blood circulation. Essentially, walking is the easiest workout you can do when traveling. 

Follow these tips and you will stay healthy when traveling to any place. 

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Ways to Travel while in College

Ways to Travel while in College

Many college students desire to travel to see the world, understand the world more, and experience new cultures. However, most college students don’t travel more often. The most common excuse college students give for not traveling is the lack of adequate funds. But, students can travel despite being poor. Here are some of the ways to travel while in college. 

Save Money

If you make travel a priority, you can save enough funds to cater to your travel needs. Think about the money that you spend on computers, phones, and clothes. Some of these things are not that necessary yet to buy them. If you reduce your expenditure on such things, you can save money and spend it on travel. 

Study Abroad 

If the main reason you want to travel is to experience different cultures and meet new people, consider studying abroad. Some colleges provide credits that count towards a degree. You can even join an international university for your degree studies. If your student loan can cover the costs of travel and tuition, you can use it for these purposes. You can also check with a local college to see if it provides study abroad programs. This can give you a great opportunity to travel and study abroad. 

Go on Short-Term Mission Trips 

You can talk to other students if you belong to the same religious organization or church to organize short-term mission trips. These can help you travel to different places across the world. What makes this way to travel while in college great is the fact that you go as a group. You also do something great because it’s a mission trip. This can make your trip more memorable. 

Volunteer Abroad 

No matter what your major is in your study, there are several volunteer opportunities to consider across the world. Some of these opportunities include teaching, caring for the children, protecting the environment, consulting, and building. You just need to choose the volunteer opportunity that suits you. Most providers of volunteer opportunities cover travel and accommodation expenses. Thus, you won’t spend a lot of money to travel to volunteer. 

In addition to these ways to travel while in college, you can find an internship abroad. You can also go sailing as a crew in a boat. That way, you won’t spend your money yet you’ll travel to different places. 

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Why Use a Travel Agent When You Can Book Online?

Why Use a Travel Agent When You Can Book Online?

According to some people, there is no need hiring a travel agent when they can personally do the bookings for hotels and flights online. However, travel agents not only book hotels and buy flight tickets for travelers. In fact, there are very many reasons why it is recommended that travelers should engage travel agents when planning trips. The following are the key reasons why you should still use a travel agent even if you can book online. 

Professional Travel Advice 

While online bookings may seem like a quick fix to most travelers, there is a lot involved in the process that average travelers may not really understand. For instance, there are unique requirements for booking flights, hotels and even park visits online that you may not be well conversant with. Professional travel agents have the best knowledge and experience in the industry that enables them to provide practical solutions to different kinds of travelers. 

Not all online booking platforms are legitimate and, it is very easy to get played if you do not know where to look. A professional travel agent will also guide you on the websites to consider and, those to keep away from. 


On your own, finding budget travel options can be a huge challenge. You could flip through thousands of pages and still fail to get the best deals. Through their contacts and experience, a professional travel agent can easily provide you with the best deals for saving money on flights, accommodations and activities. Besides, they can also offer tips for saving money when travelling without interfering with the experience. 

There is nothing bad about booking flights and hotels online. However, it could be very tedious and costly without proper guidance. That is why you should make it a habit of using professional agents each time that you are planning an itinerary. 

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How to Become a Good Travel Agent

How to Become a Good Travel Agent

A good travel agent does more than just help their clients see the best travel destinations in the world. They also see the world too. And in most places, you just need a high school diploma to become a travel agent. However, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field will give you advantage over your competitors. Background in customer service or sales will also be helpful. Here are steps to follow when you decide to become a travel agent.

Decide on the Type of a Travel Agent to Become

There are different types of travel agents and deciding on the route to take is very important. Essentially, you should decide on the area to specialize in. This will also enable you to decide what to familiarize with. What’s more, it will enable you to decide on the destinations and cultures to familiarize with.

So, do you want to be a travel agent for travelers that are thrifty with vacations? It’s crucial to understand travel budgeting and how to get the best travel deals. Whether you want to be a corporate or leisure travel agent will also play a role. Leisure travel agents are associated with vacation packages for families, groups and individuals. On the other hand, corporate travel agents focus business travels and arrange for employees travels to work conferences.


A college degree or certificate might be enough to become a travel agent. However, educational choices are optional and beneficial. There is not bachelor’s program that is designed specifically for travel agents. However, there are programs that shows that a person understands the crucial aspects of the work of a travel agent. Some of the best degree programs and majors for travel agents include travel, business, tourism, and business administration.

Determine Your Work Environment and Acquire Experience

Do you want to start your travel agency or work for a travel agency? If you have a business degree, you will easily be inclined to run your own business. However, you can start by working within an agency before starting yours. This will equip you with relevant experience to run an agency smoothly.

In addition, it’s important to be good with people in order to be a good travel agent. Focus on ensuring that your clients enjoy the best travel experiences to get repeat business.

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