Things to Avoid when Traveling

Many people that write about traveling talk about the things to do when you travel. Majority of them focus on things to do and see. One night while traveling, I met the owner of this nightclub I went to visit in southwest Texas called Garden Bistro Bar, (check out the website) and he shared with me some pretty good tips that are obvious to most hardcore travelers, but to those beginners that have no clue, these tips will help out in the future. Here are some of the things that you should avoid when you travel to make your travel experience better.

Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t do whenever you travel:

Eating Near a Major Attraction

Avoid eating near a major attraction when you travel. That’s because food at the establishments that are near major attraction sites is expensive. In fact, you will most likely buy it at a double price. Additionally, since the restaurant managers at such places know that they will most likely have people that won’t come back they don’t bother about maintaining consistent quality. They just want to make money from customers that come once.

Exchanging Money at the Airport

This will get you the worst rate ever if you do this. Instead, use a credit card or ATM. ATM or credit card will get you exchange rates that are close to interbank rates. Unless you don’t have an option, never exchange money at the airport.

Bringing Traveler’s Checks

These are checks that banks issue for pre-determined value to enable their bearers to get cash by exchanging them in any part of the world. This was the best means that travelers used to access money before credit cards and ATM became accepted in most parts of the world. However, they are currently useless because only few banks accept them. They offer little protection in case they are stolen or lost.

Using Bank Cards that Have a Fee

Instead of giving banks your money, use it to travel. Get a credit card from a bank that does not charge fees for foreign tractions to avoid surcharges like ATM fees. There are many banks that offer such credit cards. You just need to do your research before you travel to find them.

Skipping Travel Insurance

This may seem like an added expense. However, traveling is largely an adventure to the unknown. You don’t know what will happen when you travel. Travel insurance offers you protection whenever you travel. It takes care of nonmedical and medical emergencies. To ensure your safety and a seamless travel experience, get travel insurance.

Taking Taxis

Doing this will kill your travel budget. Taxis are usually overpriced. Therefore, skip them whenever you travel. Only use taxis when splitting fare, probably with the locals or when you want to get somewhere and it is super late. Instead of taxis, go for public transportation.

To make your travel experience better, avoid these things whenever you travel.