How to Become a Good Travel Agent

A good travel agent does more than just help their clients see the best travel destinations in the world. They also see the world too. And in most places, you just need a high school diploma to become a travel agent. However, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field will give you advantage over your competitors. Background in customer service or sales will also be helpful. Here are steps to follow when you decide to become a travel agent.

Decide on the Type of a Travel Agent to Become

There are different types of travel agents and deciding on the route to take is very important. Essentially, you should decide on the area to specialize in. This will also enable you to decide what to familiarize with. What’s more, it will enable you to decide on the destinations and cultures to familiarize with.

So, do you want to be a travel agent for travelers that are thrifty with vacations? It’s crucial to understand travel budgeting and how to get the best travel deals. Whether you want to be a corporate or leisure travel agent will also play a role. Leisure travel agents are associated with vacation packages for families, groups and individuals. On the other hand, corporate travel agents focus business travels and arrange for employees travels to work conferences.


A college degree or certificate might be enough to become a travel agent. However, educational choices are optional and beneficial. There is not bachelor’s program that is designed specifically for travel agents. However, there are programs that shows that a person understands the crucial aspects of the work of a travel agent. Some of the best degree programs and majors for travel agents include travel, business, tourism, and business administration.

Determine Your Work Environment and Acquire Experience

Do you want to start your travel agency or work for a travel agency? If you have a business degree, you will easily be inclined to run your own business. However, you can start by working within an agency before starting yours. This will equip you with relevant experience to run an agency smoothly.

In addition, it’s important to be good with people in order to be a good travel agent. Focus on ensuring that your clients enjoy the best travel experiences to get repeat business.